Can I play Halo 2 on PC still?

If I buy Halo 2 on a disk for PC, will I be able to play it on my PC? I know the multiplayer is down. Just in case, I have windows 7.

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Don’t be fooled though… If you intend to play online multiplayer it may or may not work. I constantly am dropped from games and/or can’t get into games. I don’t know that there is a fix for it either as I’ve searched and can’t figure anything that is wrong between port forwarding, firewalls, etc. However if it’s just for campaign then yes it’ll be fine.

> I know the multiplayer is down. Just in case, I have windows 7.

and after a long day we all get to have a good chuckle at the person who can’t read and remember this was said. /lol @ me.

Your real enemy will be the game’s population.
there are dedicated gamers that seem to only play Halo 2 PC.
Your best bet is to get into contact with them and add them as friends so you can organize Halo 2 goodness much easier.
This will also help with achievements which can be quite frustrating if you have nobody to work with.

Yeah, the multiplayer is still going, amazingly. Today I managed to get the Rainman achievement in H2V with a small group of other players. There are almost never more than three or four games going at one time, but there’s always something. It’s usually BR and sniper slayer, but sometimes there’s some good CTF action. It kind of varies, but H2V is still alive.