Can i play anchor 9 and condemned (and other dlc maps) now?

only playlist i see these maps are in the dlc required playlists. sorry but im not interested in playing those playlists. what i do play is team slayer. so why in earth am i not even getting the option to vote a9 or condemned? ive played a9 maybe 3 times outside of dlc playlist and 0 times of condemned. i also dont recall playing breakpoint, tempest, and highlands outside of dlc playlist. i feel like i wasted my money.

  1. Everyone has to have the appropriate DLC for a given map to show up in a voting lobby. Normal matchmaking doesn’t match you based on what maps you have. Therefore running into one is a matter of luck.

  2. Just play the damn DLC playlists if you want to play the DLC maps. Most of the people in there are awful anyway, it’s easy kill farming.

Unfortunately, the chances of being matched up only with people who also have the DLC are terribly low. If you’re playing BTB, for example, and only one of the 16 players doesn’t have the DLC, no DLC maps will show up to be voted for.

On that note, I really hope that H4 will have a DLC custom search option in addition to Connection, Skill, and Language.