Can I love this game more?

I frequently criticize this game for a lot of its shortcomings but I agree that it’s got a solid and very fun core! Excited to see what it can be after a few years of minor revision and major expansions!

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Actually, seeing how emotional you are over something so petty as a simple little joke. It’s actually you that needs to lay off and take a good long break to get yourself together.

If you act this way just over a little comment on a forum, I’d hate to see what you are like in our day to day (real life.)


If it was a “joke” it wasn’t funny and it was hardly original. I’m tired of people insinuating there isn’t fun to be had with this game even with all its faults. People who are enjoying it get torn down time and time again on this forum and after several months of the same garbage I’m getting exhausted of it. It’s a perfectly reasonable reaction to an extremely sore spot being poked yet again. But yeah, maybe I do need to take a break. – from this cesspit of negativity. I think I’ll go play a few matches and have a wonderful time playing this game.


I could ask the same question to people who genuinely think Infinite is any kind of a good game.

I wish I loved it. But at least I like it. Gameplay-wise it’s a solid game. Other aspects leave something to be desired, and I’m still salty about a number of things they lied about leading up to launch. It’s definitely improved since then in some ways, though. But I think it still has a ways to go to become the game it could be.

Those um . . . those two words do not go well together.
It feels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . sinful.

Listen, I appreciate Infinite, and not all subscribe to the concept of Sin. (I sure as Hel don’t.)

I use the term “Sin” because if there is a God and he or she or it is looking down upon all of creation, it would look at 343’s work and go “Hey, I know no one but me is perfect but . . . . . . wow I need to add another commandment to those tablets about this kind of stuff.

Infinite is a step in the right direction.
However, a single step is only the first of thousand it take to climb out of the pit they jumped into back in 2011

Perhaps there are several Gods friend.

Mayhapsley so. May Ra reveal his form unto mankind once again.

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Come on…this post is supposed to be serious? “The great Joe Staten”?

If it is…then whatever.

People might be tired of all the criticism, but this game is still bugged like buggery, and for me personally went in the direction I was hoping it never would.

I get the feeling spartans will be running around in banana suits eventually. Cosmetics is one thing, but it’s seeming to show where the gameplay is heading.

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OMG. Yes. Take my money…


Oh, they will. How else will they finance the banana coatings.

You seriously need to take a brake from this forum. It’s a video game, a child’s play thing, not real life.

This right here^ proves my point. Besides that, who is “forcing” you to read anything. You are doing this to yourself and that in no way is my problem or anyone else in this entire would.


I’m right there with you man. Been playing Halo since Christmas 2001 and I love this damn game, I won’t argue against any of the people that have issues with it but even with all of that true I still love the hell ou lot of this game