Can I love this game more?

I played 3 matches straight and it’s so much GD fun. There’s nothing like Halo and Halo Infinite nails it!!! I mean there is just no better game than this.

I played the normal COD Godzilla event with my friends and it’s like… “ehhh”. There is just nothing so fluid and amazing like this game. I always equate halo to a sport. It doesn’t feel like a “shooter”. It’s a sport with all its verticality and grenade tosses. There is nothing like it.

With the great Joe Staten in charge this is gonna be so fun!!!

Thanks 343i! All I do is smile when I play this game. Thank you Joe for your leadership. You don’t know what it means to us. Loving it!!!


So long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters! (。^▽^)


Personally I don’t enjoy the game much, but I’m glad you do! All I gotta say is, knock yourself out dude.


MCC begs to differ. MCC is an overall better built game than Infinite. I mean it’s cool you can actually sit back and enjoy Infinite but the majority of Infinite’s playerbase has abandoned it for a multitude of reasons.


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The gun play is well done. But thats all it has. Theres no proper ranking system. Missing a lot of traditional playlists and game features. Its a shame. If they would just add more ranked playlists and forge, it would bring back so many players. But good things come to those who wait. Just hope the game is still thriving when those things are added.


I really enjoy Infinite, sure it needs some tweaking etc, but good to know 343 listening to feedback and more content / game modes on the way :upside_down_face: So glad the core gameplay itself is good, it’s gonna rock when re-made maps come


I’m on a Series X with a wired connection and I live about two hours from one of MS’s server centers.

I have a ton of fun playing Infinite most games. And I don’t have very much time to game each week, so I haven’t exhausted Infinite’s content to the point if boredom yet.

Infinite feels kind of like a slower H5, or a faster H3, and I think the sandbox overall is excellent :grinning:. I’m pumped for three community to get forge, for us to get some form of PvE, and project Tatanka. It should be a good couple months for Infinite if 343 can keep the direction of the game in a good place


Game is very fun.

My love for it has massive capacity to grow as there is a lot more I want from it. If forge is really good, events become more special and not just a basic game mode on normal map(s), more ranked playlists and some more fun things to do then it will easily be my favourite multiplayer game.


I really like the gameplay, much like everyone else did when it initially launched. Problem is that the content (playlists) and other quality of life issues (ranking) were a bit lacking and, understandably, that didn’t get a lot of those people to stick.

But I’m one of the people who still really enjoy it and play it and hope that eventually Infinite becomes the game that will get people to come back and stick around.

Wow a whole 3 games! You have a great grasp on halo infinite by now, you’re basically a veteran!

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Having lots of fun. Waiting (im)patiently for Forge.

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Love this post and feel the same!

Think if you can get past the HARD desire for “your game to be on top” and feel like youre doing what everybody else is doing, you start to just play this game for what it is and its actually a TON of fun!

I play for hours on end in the same game node with the same maps and theres ALWAYS something hilarious or cool or extremely unique to Infinite only that happens in every game and I just chase those moments. Its great fun!


Have fun then, that’s great! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Every Revan fan is the same. A contrarian who thinks they know better and trying to emulate their idol.

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Didn’t love it so much yesterday. Couldn’t get into the groove. Lots of high ping games.

Spent the first game with some -yoink- calling me a -yoinking- -re-yoink- for the whole game. Not sure why I was being singled out as the other two on the team weren’t doing much better.

And then went on to lose the next half a dozen games because of dodgy team-mates, quitters, and an AFK. Oh, and the final Hill jammed when we were down 2-3 so we just had to spend the last five minutes running around playing Slayer.


But for every day like yesterday - there’s last Tuesday. Bombing around in a Warthog with mates, pulling off insane kills, some ill-time tea bags, and general Halo themed hi-jinx.

And the litmus test for how much I love this game - is that even yesterday, as bad as it was, was better than a day playing anything else.

Salvaged a few wins late yesterday - and moved to within one chunky win of Diamond! So just need to finish work and get home and go hard on ranking up.

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I feel exactly the way you do about H2/3, wish I did about INF.


I enjoy the game play a lot!! but tired of useless weapons, lack of player collision, options like displaying service tags instead of gamertag should be in (If it is I can’t find it for normal matches but I can for custom games) terrible pings at time and lack of KEY playlists like Ranked team Slayer (honestly, how is this NOT in!!!) and so on. I doubt I’ll play too much until these things get changed/put in.

I had hope I’d love this Halo like I did 1-3 but so far overall, nope. Maybe one day, one can hope.

It’s funny how you think my point isn’t accurate.

What factory makes y’all.