can i help you concept maps 343

As snarky as that question sounds its a legitimate question. There is no doubt halo 5 is a great game from what I’ve played but between halo 4 an 5 I believe map designs are well… -Yoink- I’m just going to be blunt original map designs are not your stronest quality. I’m no fishionato either when balancing comes to play. I know my weak points and accept it. But you can’t deny I know how to make a map look good. Empire is not appealing and is extremely generic. But you know how to remaster a classic I’ll give you that because truth is amazing.

So 343 I’m asking you if you would like me on your team. And where I can apply to be a concept artist because you won’t be disappointed

They should bring back Sandtrap as a BTB map for Halo 5, but 343 wouldn’t do that. That map has too much inspiration and gameplay variety for that to happen, that would be clear indication that 343 have no imagination or understanding of what made halo 3 BTB a blast.

Sand trap was the perfect map for btb