Can i haz it?
And i dont know exactly what a lead design dude does but i think kevin franklin is the wrong person for this job. its like all the moaning and disagree with halo reach is gettng completly ignored by u 343 instead u build on top of it. its kinda ridiculous how ur in the dark with what halo is all about.
u said u were busy really?
why u have time then to put in and tune all these specialisations and all this armor abilities that nobody wants?

for the next halo i just hope u realize that only the halo formula can bring back halo, just atleast try t make it not like reach
because reach was just the downfall how can u not see this??
please make halo thats all we want we dont need 343 opinions about it
because i dont think they play the game alot

halo 4 is more like halo 2/3 than reach.
fast movement, fast killtime, no fall damage, that-one-dominant-weapon (DMR in 4, BR in 2), etc

also if you want a post to be taken seriously, please try to type correctly… or at least use the full words and not “ur”.
if frankie actually read it, he’d just assume you’re 10 year old so he would discard your post instantly regardless of what you posted.