Can I have a explanation on this? The game doesn't run correct.

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Look at the picture.

I’ve been playing through the Halo games again in order, and I’m up to the level ‘Regret’ in Halo 2. Just recently my original Xbox broke and I’m playing it on the Xbox 360. Every once in a while, some kind of image is ‘burnt’ onto the screen. It’s really annoying (Also screws up cutscenes), and as someone who loves Halo 2 just as much as Halo CE, I’d really like a fix.

The thing is, I played through the entire campaign of Halo CE and I didn’t have any problems. So why is this happening in Halo 2? Is there something I can do?

I’ve had this same issue, though on a different level. My disk looks fine, so I don’t know why it does it.

EDIT: With my super powerful extremely sensitive investigative skills (I mean the power of google). It seems that it’s cause because of an issue in the backwards compatibility of the Xbox 360 (If you’re using a regular Xbox, then I don’t know).


Ooooh. So there is nothing that can be done? Eh. Kinda wish they’d remake Halo 2 instead. Halo CE doesn’t have any problems…

Happens to all players of Halo 2 on the 360. Save -> Quit -> Restart -> Resume checkpoint is the only way to get rid of the image.

Mine does this too, not sure why, but it’s annoying.