Can i get something for my achievements again?

In halo 3 and a little bit in halo reach they unlocked armor for completing achievements, can i have that again, but where it takes all the games into account? I’d like armor for having 100% of the halo achievements. Really awesome armor.

I’m not totally against the idea of some armor being unlocked in a Halo 3 manner, but I much prefer buying the armor. The former is too limiting.

I think that getting Recon armor in Halo 3 was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in a video game. I would love it if they did something like vidmaster achievements again.

> I’m not totally against the idea of some armor being unlocked in a Halo 3 manner, but I much prefer buying the armor. The former is too limiting.

id agree with you slightly. give us the armoury, make it better, but have the best stuff unlock-able only through some seriously hard achievements so when you see someone with it you know they earn’t it by being great at the game now playing it lots.

Sorry man but I have to disagree if they do what bungie did and give nameplates thats fine cause it don’t take away from the game but halo 4 is its own game and denying another player parts of halo 4 just cause they have not played the other games or done certain achievements in other halos just is not that fair. stuff like nameplates thats perfectly fine armor and stuff that’s not fair they paid the 60+ dollars for halo 4 they deserve every bit of the game.

btw OP I’m not calling you out or anything that’s your opinion and I completely respect it im just disagreeing with my own. just don’t wanna come off as a jerk :slight_smile:

Ok I’m not one of the many Halo 3 fanboys who wants H4 to be just like 3. There is though something that I would like back.

In Halo 3, armor signified you did something special. Whether is was by getting all the skulls, or getting a triple kill with the Energy Sword. In Reach, armor jut showed you had the credits. Only 2 armor pieces showed you earned the armor.

I think that H4 should start off with Mark VI as default armor. You unlock the new armor (Mark VII) by completing the campaign on Legendary. Other armor can be obtained by getting certain achievements, killing spreas, enemy kills, etc. This will give back a meaning to the armor.

what if the base piece is unlocked that way, and we buy attachments with credits? best of both that way :slight_smile:

I would have to agree with that but thats the case, there just needs to be more customization. Expand challenges. More Elite armor. (if they are in the game)

Arbiter armor ftw.

How about this, the EVA helmet is cool, but it’s not amazing, Emile’s helmet on the other hand is far cooler. Sooo… if you buy something like the EVA with credits, then the Emile helmet would be achievement unlocked. I did like that feeling of accomplishment when I got Hyabusa helmet, or after getting armour but we can’t limit all the armour to just achievements. I’d also like to see the ability to have two wrist pads,or to switch up the knee pads, (Not that different knee pads would look good, but it would make for some good in Machinimas.) and some more variety with helmet attachments.

I personally rather OP’s idea, just as an example recon in halo 3 was an epic achievement for most people, unlocking a varient in reach with a code or buying it just wasn’t the same, I couldn’t take pride in my armor knowing just anyone could wear it. I’d rather Unlock some achievement exclusives and buy parts and pieces for them rather then just being able to buy all the armors.