Can I get some help here?!

This is very frustrating. I’m having an issue, that seems to be separate from the server issues. By that I mean that I’ve searched and haven’t found anyone with a similar problem. (Most are saying how they are unable to connect to Halo servers) My problem is that I can’t connect to live, but I only have this issue in Halo 4. And I mean Xbox Live, not just the Halo servers. If I’m playing any other game or just sitting at the dashboard everything is fine. But the moment I launch Halo 4 it will allow me to download the patch, and then it seems to sever my connection. I’ve tried clearing my cache and downloading again, I tried restarting my router, I tried a hard wire connection. But same result every time. But the worst part is that I can not find a way to contact 343/343i for support. No email, no phone number, nothing. All I have is the forum. The forum is good, but I could use some professional assistance on this seemingly unrelated issue. If anyone is having a similar problem, I’d like for you to let me know, if someone know 343’s secret support line/email I would appreciate that too. And if anyone has any ideas to fix it let me know. If anyone wants more details just ask. I just want to get online with my friends.