Can I get my old rank back?

My old account was hacked. I was a Field Marshall. Is there any possible way I can get my rank on my new account? I will provide any answer regarding my old rank

Unfortunately, you’re gonna have to start over. :confused:

Luckily, there’s custom challenges which should help you rank up faster now!

Thank you. and if you ever want to play anytime, add me xHeadcrabLamarr

There is no possible way you can get your old rank back. That rank is for your online profile for the xbox 360 account. But there are several ways you might be able to get your account back.

  1. Change your password on that email then go into the account settings on your xbox and transfer it to a different msn or hotmail email

  2. Just change your password (only a temporary fix because they can just go and change the password again).

Hope this helps!

With a 200,000cR daily cap you can hit Field Marshall fairly quick! CUSTOM CHALLENGES FTW