Can I get Halo Infinite on my XSX at 4K/120hz

Since season 2 update, my series X at 120hz looks awful. That said, my screen is only capable of 1440 @ 120hz anyway.

Would a 4K @120hz make it look better?

There is barely a difference between 1440&4K unless you’re comparing the size of the monitor/television, which still would only be minimal in comparison.

I just want to improve the current quality of the image at 120hz. Since season 2 it looks awful :frowning:

To my knowledge, there aren’t any games on Series X that can even do 4k @ 120hz simultaneously. I have a series x and 4k display capable of 120hz refresh rate, I play multiplayer at 120fps (this renders the game at 1440p). When I play campaign I stick to 60 fps to enjoy the dynamic 4k, unfortunately there are some frame pacing issues with the game and some heavy flickering when VRR is enabled (likely an issue with my screen due to gamma shifting)

The whole ‘4k at 120fps’ thing is kinda misleading marketing, while yes, you can absolutely do both, you cannot do both at the same time.

If the screen doesnt have VRR that may be the issue, big frame drops will be more noticeble or even ruin the experience compared to 60hz.