Can I be bronze 1 now?

Lost 30+games now, lost so many iv lost count…

Halo might not be the game for you. Might I suggest Minecraft?


Oh no halo is fine, matchmaking however isnt.


This doesn’t seem statistically possible legitimately

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Nope, I’m trying but I’m either massively miss placed against full onyx teams or my team is way below the other team.

I’m yet to verse someone my rank or lower… yet on my team were all mega low ranks in comparison

I don’t understand the rank system.

Placed D1 after getting my butt handed to me for 10 matches straight.

Maybe I did better than expected, I don’t really know.

I’ll believe you’ve lost 30+ straight if you post your Halo tracker stats page, otherwise I’m going to assume you’re just complaining and being salty after a couple rough games

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That was the same as me, I lost all 10 placements and hit D1, every game since I haven’t seen 1 person on the enemy team my rank or lower they’re always higher, usually onyx.

Worst part is I’m not losing rank for losing matches I’m just stuck climbing higher and higher usually due to someone on the enemy team quitting.

Tbh I’d probably do better if the latency wasnt so bad and some players just dont take damage, or those real suspicious people who are prefiring at every position

Agree with this - you’d likely end up in a 4v3 over that time frame at least.

Suspicious that the HaloTracker page is private to be honest, as I assume that’s a conscious decision

Its private because I dont like people basically harassing me over stats in a game. It’s bad enough to listen to it in game with people moaning over headsets blaming me etc. When in reality I played the most objective in my whole team while being massively out ranked.

If people wouldn’t attack people over some stats which mean very little in games then I wouldn’t put it private. They never use to be for older halo games but I either got insult for being good (no life, -Yoink!-, tryhard, etc.) Or get called a noob, baby or told to play a childs game or stop playing.

Theres 0 positive to sharing stats online, you’ll get hate either way and I’ll avoid that thanks.

And yes I had plenty 3v4 games, the 3 was always my team. Like I said iv yet to verse someone my actual rank or have a team equal to the enemy rank

Because our Ranked system literally does not matter.
Every player, be it queueing for Ranked or otherwise has a hidden MMR already assigned to us.
When you “Rank” you aren’t matched based on rank at all, but using this MMR instead.

If you are a half decent player in most games, you would instantly place Gold and higher. If you are truly bad at the game, you can win all 10 matches and still place Bronze.

That’s just absolute madness.

Yeah but these players are far better than me, like sure there bad latency alot of the games so some shots dont count but still I’m versing people that pre fire and seem to know exactly where you are even though no one on the enemy team has seen me prior.

I dont have that ability to know exactly where people are, if I did its be easier and I probably wouldn’t be spawned on unaware as much. Kinda stupid to hide the mmr in ranked though

All fair enough but wasn’t the point I’m making - the chances of losing 30 games in a row are negligible in the extreme and we’re understandably curious to know how/why that would happen. Currently HaloTracker is the only way to do that.

If you’ve genuinely ended up losing 30 games in a row for God’s sake don’t take up poker