Can I ask why the banshee was replaced....

On Breakneck? Whether it’s Breakneck or Headlong it’s…still…Headlong with a different name. If it wasn’t taken out in the Aniversary version, it shouuldn’t have gotten taken out on the Regular version because again Headlong IS Headlong no matter what version it is. I know what people are gonna say though

“it was too OP…”

It’s OP on all the maps, why does Breakneck make any difference?


No, just ashamed that 343I catered to the complainers that don’t know how to take a Banshee out on Reach yet as it is one of the weakest vehicles in the game. Reach will go down the damn hill because of complainers that nerdrage about things that aren’t even hard to do.

I agree, it was nice to have a map you could play with the banshee that wasn’t an Invasion game type. I love getting in the banshee. 343 thinks that every game someone gets in it and is able to dominate the map. I think that is a rare occasion, because lets face it. Most of the time your own team mates will damage you because you got in the banshee first, plus that map has such a low flying ceiling that it is hard to even fly the banshee without either damaging yourself or flying into the over hanging wires or walkways.

This map has two snipers which are very much anti-vehicle weapons, two rockets, a grenade launcher that has a very effective EMP, and a blue berry gun. I think all this, plus with DMR starts this map has enough weapons to effectively counter the banshee. The only time it is hard to counter the banshee is when the other team is made up of a bunch of try hard, spawn campers who always play in a party with people they know and work with well, and in that case it doesn’t matter if there is a banshee on the map or not, because those who have to play with randoms all day don’t have a chance anyway.

The other map where the banshee still exist has the gauss hog, witch almost always takes out the banshee first thing, that Gauss turret is like a hot knife through the buttery hearts of the enemy banshee. So saying that its ok to leave the banshee on the map to counter the gauss isn’t a very fair statement because the gauss hot almost always wins unless someones own teammates damage your Hog at the beginning of the game, which happens quite a bit.

The Banshee is simply OP. It’s not balanced at all and never was. Actually TU should have made some tweaks on that thing.

But for now, It’s gone, thx.

People can’t throw their grenades at the Banshee, so they have to resort to removing it.

its just plain rediculous.

“its overpowered” so is the dam wraith.

there’s plenty of firepower on Breakneck/Headlong to tak eout a banshee. plasma pistols, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, etc.

or, maybe you could work as a O.O team and combine your God-pistols or DMRs and take it out??

I agree with Possum and ice, the banshee is one of the easiest vehicles to kill, especially on headlong with the abundance of anti vehicle weapons and whats more whilst everyone is racing for the banshee the other team will see them get in it so they put DMR shots into it, then its a simple matter of team DMR it or putting a couple of sniper rounds into it. whats more the green gun and the grenade launcher can easily knock a banshee out of the sky and put one of your own team mates in it. Even the noobs can take out the banshee with the anti-vehicle amour ability, amour lock.

the combination of jet-pack and green gun/ grenade launcher can effectively take out a banshee and the same can be said with the same combination but amour lock. most people that hate the banshee do not understand how to defeat it and play this game so they will most likely choose amour lock in a slayer game and it is a simple matter to wait till the banshee gets fed up and charges at you. As everyone knows the default warthog is an anti-air weapon and it doesn’t take the warthog long to chew through the banshee and if your team is also DMRing it plus a few sniper rounds it will go down easy.

On any other map the Banshee is overpowered but on Headlong there is so much cover and so many interior locations as well as low ceilings coupled with tight maneuverability making the Banshee easy to kill or avoid.

For once the Banshee was balanced due to the environment. The overall problem is with the vehicle itself. The excessive amount of barrel rolls which remove the lock on of rockets and the crazy powerful banshee bomb either need a direct nerf or an increased cool down. It is better to fix the vehicle than to remove it, especially from maps that support it the best.

I don’t really have a problem with the Banshee itself, but I wasn’t really a fan of the neutral location. If you have the attacking-side spawn (can’t remember what color), if you take a Warthog or Ghost you can get to the Banshee right as the other team is getting there. From that point it becomes a game of chicken on both sides of the Banshee, since whoever gets in it first will get boarded by the other team. It just wasn’t a very fun dynamic.

This way we get Banshee vs. Gauss on Headlong, and a new vehicle on Breakneck. I don’t see the issue.


The Banshee on Headlong in Anniv. is still fine because the Gauss 'Hog does terrible, terrible things to it.

But pretty much on any other map that doesn’t have the Gauss 'Hog or multiple SPARTAN Lasers, the Banshee is too OP to leave in. The thing is broken in the hands of even a moderately capable pilot; in the hands of someone good its an unstoppable nightmare of pain and torture.

Simple solution for the Banshee. Have a good team and have everyone DMR it. If the team knows what they are doing, I’ve seen a Banshee last no longer that 10 seconds. No need to remove it. So what if its OP. So is the Scorpion, but the Banshee is a lot easier to deal with.

Because they wanted to make breakneck different from headlong?

If you adapt a classic map for Reach (which is necessary because of the game mechanics that are entirely different), it needs to be worth doing so, don’t you think? if you don’t change anything, you ship two maps that are the same, besides a lack of powerups and maybe a rocket launcher that has moved by a metre or two. They completely redesigned the map for Reach, and the banshee apparently didn’t have a place in that setup.

I think headlong/breakneck is nice enough without vehicles already, it feels nice to be able to enjoy the map without having to worry about that sudden green blob that instantly kills you.

if they did this and start with the Needle rifle in BTB, i might play it again…

> > It’s OP on all the maps, why does Breakneck make any difference?
> You’re right. Remove it entirely.

> Simple solution for the Banshee. Have a good team and have everyone DMR it. If the team knows what they are doing, I’ve seen a Banshee last no longer that 10 seconds. No need to remove it. So what if its OP. So is the Scorpion, but the Banshee is a lot easier to deal with.

Okay. Everyone tries to teamshot the Banshee.

That just leaves the seven other enemy players that have free reign to move around the map and blow your head off while your team is trapped in their base shooting at a vehicle that moves at extremely high speeds, can break weapon lock-ons and aim assist with the press of a no-cooldown infinite-use button, and will pretty much instantly murder your teammates with an overpowered massive-blast-radius highly-magnetic low-cooldown green blob of death the moment they start shooting, if not sooner.

As opposed to a Scorpion, which can’t break lock-ons or aim assist on a whim, is limited to the ground rather than being able to shoot over cover and walls, is a larger and slower target, is more predictable, and whose shots aren’t unjustifiably magnetic.


The banshee should not have been taken out. It is not OP at all. All you need to kill it is a sniper, or by firing some DMR shots into it.

The problem is that most people posting on here aren’t the majority of the population. The Banshee completely breaks mid to low level play. I still find games online, where I am the only person shooting the Banshee, especially when I search as a random.

And even when you do play with players who know how to destroy it, it is still an easy 5-6 if not more kills if the driver is half competent. Instead of complaining about 343 removing it, complain about how Bungie balanced it horribly from the start. It may be “balanced” but having a glass cannon just isn’t good for gameplay.


OP, I love you.

Anyways, there’s five, FIVE power weapons capable of disabling and eliminating a banshee on breakneck. You have to be beyond bad to not be able to take that out.

So, the banshee is gone, it’s replaced by a revenant. What happens? Nothing.

No, really, nothing happens. Nobody runs for it; nobody identifies it as an aid or a threat. I bet that in the eyes of some, that would mean it’s balanced, and you’re 100% right. Here’s the thing though…

If everything was fair, you’d be playing slayer pro, or even MLG. Everyone has equal chance to win in a battle. It’s so perfect.

But it’s not really that interesting. Think of the chatter: “Oh, he got me… oh, I got him.”

Now, think of chatter with all the power weapons and a banshee to ice the cake: “Woa! He got me with the grenade launcher! Damn! He’s skyjacking me!”

See the difference?

Don’t ruin the fun for all of us just because you lost.

P.S. I love how 343 deleted my thread. Embarrassed about something?

> P.S. I love how 343 deleted my thread. Embarrassed about something?

Your thread was deleted because it was absolutely identical to the post you made in this very thread. There was absolutely no need to have yet another thread with the exact same content. Forum rules prohibit duplicate threads and spam posts.

Also, in the future, if you have an issue regarding forum actions, feel free to PM one of the Monitors instead of addressing it directly on the boards and derailing someone else’s thread. Thanks.

Dude, I’m not even that good with the Banshee and I got an invincible with it in one, 4 minute round of 1 Flag on that map.