can hardly find no one multiplayer

on avrage i play about 2 hours of game time the other 2 and half hours is waiting for people is this normal my internet speed is fine.

i can only get in arena

Are you Australian?..In South America?..

If so good luck sir

I find people quickly

I have about 1:30 in between games. Very quick

Same problem here. (Im in aus btw)

Ok. I’m done with Halo. I’m a huge Halo fan, but a month after launch and still cannot find matches (only arena). I’m from South América (Brazil).
This problem have been reported systematically, but 343 doesn’t give a -Yoink-. People from Australia are having the same problems.
I’m a huge fan since Halo CE, have all the games of the franchise but feel like a idiot.
I quit!

So… you can find everyone. Sorry, but the double negative in your title confuses me.

Why do you feel like an idiot?

Sometimes that also happens to me, try to restart the game of check your internet connection and be patient… That works for me

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> Same problem here. (Im in aus btw)

yeah same im in melbourne

Sorry, haven’t even seen this become a prevalent problem except with outside servers like New Zealand or Australia. Matching works like a charm for me.

Hard reset my help, hold down on the xbox one manual turn on/off button for 5 seconds, let go and I think your uplo- Wait that is for downloading… DANGIT

I live in US, haven’t once waited more than 1 minute for any game type.

The dedicated servers for this game has a region lock thing that prevents players from countries with a lower fanbase (like Brazil, Australia, New Zealand) to find matches. This is completely ridiculous… Right now I am searching for a match for about 1 hour with no success, because “there isn’t enough players to support this playlist”.

I payed 60 dollars for the game and I can’t find any multiplayer matches. Only sometimes at weekends that I was able to play the game (but only with the sema group of players)