Can Halo be one of the darkest stories in science fiction history?

I just re-read The War of the Worlds By H.G. Wells and listened to Jonh Williams’ music for Revange of the Sith. Then it hit me that Halo can be one of the more darker stories in sci-fi history. Like how H.G. Wells wrote The War of the Worlds and how the martains were killing human in brutal ways, with no pity, treated and used us like cultural just like how the Covenant did to the human race in the Human-Covenant war. Just listening to Jonh Williams’ works on Revange of the Sith and Spielberg’s vision of War of the Worlds make me think of a apocalypic world where that no one is safe like the Covenant glassing planets. The UNSC is the fragile empire of hope for all of mankind and it is about to break with the rest of humanity not even the best supersolders like the Master Cheif can defeat this Judgment day. Farth in God is lost no one to look up to as the end is near humanity being push to extinction all hope is lost the ailens are coming and no one and northing is going to stop them.