can halo 4 hold its population?

so do you guys think halo 4 will be able to hold its population until halo 5 comes out or will it die like halo reach?

Like every game, it’ll die down a bit, but I believe it’ll hold its population for a very long time. I honestly see Halo: Reach being the most deserted Halo game of all time.

I’m sure it will maintain a healthy population until Halo 5 comes out.

Reach isn’t dead.

REACH dead??? NO it has like 70,000 to 100,000 people on everyday. yes it will hold a population but when Halo 5 comes out it will be like Halo 3 with only 1,000 to 10,000 people online.

It’ll need fun custom games, something Halo 3 had, and Reach severely lacked.


> Reach isn’t dead.

It will be on nov6th

Spartan ops will do the trick

Spartan Ops, regular updates and dedicated servers would assure that it can hold a steady population and that people will return to it, a ranking system (no matter what) might even be beneficial.
It’s hard to say really, many features and gameplay details are yet unknown, but we do know that it will loose population over time, when other big games arrive, or just at release when people move on to other titles (as always). The main question is if people will return to Halo 4 after they’ve played the new games, or if they’ll leave it just like Reach.

If 343 listens to its fans, Halo 4 should last for a while.