can every1 just stop with the halo is turning in2 cod and w8 till its

Out because like for freaking real it’s getting really annoying listening to some of u saying fk 343 or im not gonna buy halo 4 its a piece of s&*$ now

I can’t possibly imagine having enough audacity to use such incorrect grammar and ignorant language when I say Halo 4 is imitating (some of) the worst aspects of CoD.

just stop making these threads, they are worse than the others.

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Seriously? The only thing thats annoying is these threads that keep telling people to bow down and worship 343. I don’t know about others (well I kinda do now) but I HATE the new changes. Halo 4 is a new game, yes, but there is no reason to add the things that 343 added. There are certain aspects of halo that should be consistent game to game. 343 wiped out those consistencies