Can are co-op Characters actually get a story

And no I don’t mean back story. I mean they actually contribute to the games story.
But what about the arbitor In one or 2 missions he was not even sopose to be in as a partner.
so can we finally get some Co-op characters that are actually apart of the story.

But sadly in this new game I don’t see to many possibilities for Co-op
but here are some ideas post your own and say what you think

1.Spirit of fire:For the first few missions you have no choice in co-op but then you find a Large Frigate on the planets surface that has all its passengers in Cryo. you activate the power and turn off there cryo sleep. Soon after Red team is there to help
2.Cloned friends:If you are on a forrunner world its not hard to believe there would be DNA samples of all we have seen in past Halo games. So when you get out of the crash you find test tubes that have DNA from a brute, elite, and a caveman.
3.Portal 2 plan: make the Co-op a completely different story then the main.

thats my ideas what do you think and what are yours

I’d rather them focus on potential levels where you play as those characters rather than just put them in co-op. You can’t really expect much of a story from them if they are only going to be in co-op.

it would be fun however

4. Cortana.

A Forerunner installation is probably going to have a teleporter grid. Generally, an AI that has seen and fully deciphered the inner workings of an entire Halo will know how to hack into one of those.

That, and I heard somewhere that her Halo 2 model had animations for a Plasma Rifle. Doubt it, but it does bring some possibilities to mind.

that would be good if she was less of phase threw

I don’t know…it doesn’t really matter to me, because I prefer playing the campaign by myself, anyways. I don’t see it working any better than it did in Halo 3.

Maybe a co-op Headhunters game, but that’s all I can really think of…