Can anyone help me and my friend on this achievement on heroic for halo 5?

So there is an achievement called Enemy of my enemy and it’s to protect the gold elite till he gets up a hill and apparently it requires a full fireteam of 4 people to do it if anyone can help me and my friend get it that would be appreciated

It’s only on the first mission and I really appreciated help on it since doing it with just 2 won’t work since the Spartan ai always Kill Golden elite on Osris

my english isnt good, but I can happily help u

Enemy of My Enemy doesn’t four players to unlock, it can even be unlocked solo if you have the skill to pull it off yourself.

To make it easier, I followed a guide by Halo Completionist to unlock the achievement. Despite the guide being done solo, it’s still applicable with two players so the person playing as Locke can direct friendly AI’s.


I still play sometimes, mainly campaign, enemy of my enemy is bugging me, i’ll get it 1 day lol.

Silvers videos helped alot, especially with mcc par scores etc :slightly_smiling_face: