Can anyone explain to me...

Why some people become obsessed with someone’s warthog even after that person moves it away from them? Like they’ll chase it the rest of the game until they get in. What gives? I used a random card, got a rocket hog so eh, why not, right? Nope, some random would not take no for an answer. A normal not toxic person of a sane mind would simply take the hint or leave that person alone entirely. Nope, not this blue falcon. It’s why I don’t use anything above a two when playing alone to keep yabbadabbadogoingcrazygottagriefgottadriveintothebossesandgetusallkilledderpdeepdipeherpterpdoopdape from being able to lose their toxic minds being a team killer in FF.

I’m almost beginning to understand why some people will sit out and barely move to not get kicked out, guess they’re tired of toxic players too most likely. Toxic players are why we cannot have nice things.

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People are dumb

Genuinely confused on the amount of encounters you have with toxic people. Out of my entire halo 5 career in firefight I have just gotten splattered accidentally. Infection on contingency however on coastal highway is where it’s terrible with the team killing in warthogs.

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> People are dumb

Last game I just played, attack on sanctum. Dude tried to reach me with his ghost and wanted to hop in the drivers seat while I was seriously hurting the AI, what a dumb thing to do, give up a perfectly fine ghost and splat on his own because a person cannot refrain his urges to drive a hog?


I didn’t let him. No deaths, and I was top player. Huh.