Can anyone explain melee to me?

i don’t understand how the melee works? i’ve shot guys with several rifle shots and then melee them and the survive yet multiple times i’ve been hit with a melee once in the face without being shot at all previously and died. there seems to be no consistency in it


I’ve shot several clips of just this happening. It’s a bit infuriating.


“Sometimes maybe good! sometimes maybe -Yoink!-”

I saw someone say the tick rate for the servers are slow here on the forums. Discussed the same thing last session with a friend when we played, as we had extremely odd cases from time to time where we’d die to things we previously hadn’t, or opponents didn’t die to things we had done to kill before. He’s been playing a little longer and had gotten into that discussion with another random party, they too having mentioned a low tick rate for the servers.

In the same match I got shot thrice by the sidekick and meleed, only to live and kill my opponent.
Then I got shot twice and meleed, dead.
Hammered someone on the head, they lived, once, hammered another on the head, they dead.
Other times I could hammer someone a little further away, and they’d live, while I’d get hammered from an even longer distance and be killed.

“You’re just bad”, be that as it may, one can still notice inconsistencies despite being bad.

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1 Melee takes out shields
2 Melees kill
1 Melee to the back kills
Within a certain distance, you will “lunge” towards your opponent when you melee (reticule on the opponent) and cover distance almost instantaneously.

I don’t know if melee clashing exists in this game.

Melee clashing happens when two people melee at the same time and cancel out some of the damage. In Halo Reach and 4, that was half shields. If you clash with swords, it just outright saves your life .

earlier today i got back smacked when the other player was right in front of me and no one else was around

banished weapons that have blades like the skewer and shock rifle will also do bonus melee damage, I haven’t really tested if this makes it a OHK from the front, or if it just makes it a kill with less prior damage than other weapons

Good luck. Melee has been so confusing in every single Halo, even the first two originals, and especially in Halo 3. The only time it seemed consistent was pre-patch Halo 3 where Melee success was based on who dealt more damage when both did a Melee, and it was somewhat predictable on if you were gonna win or not. - I guess the community didn’t like that though. So, now it’s more based on if you have dealt enough damage, where lag can play a role.

so then explain how i can have a full shield and get hit with a melee once and die?

What I don’t like is that the double whammy is easier than one + headshot.

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Is it possible you’re getting smacked with the mangler or skewer? They have stronger melees.
A video I saw earlier today showcased a single mangler shot and melee is enough to instantly kill you so a quick combo of that could be what you’re a victim to. Otherwise I have no idea if its not a backsmack.

its def not. it happens frequently and also on maps that those weapons aren’t even available on

I have also bet killed by a single melee to the front a few times.
Over all I think there is a damage output inconstancy.
I’ve shot two rockets right in the middle on a team of 4 capturing a zone in quick play. Zero kills 4 assists.

Melee on keyboard and mouse doesnt feel like melee on a controller something is off doesnt feel like it locks/connects to some one like past halos

No. I would need more information than that.