Can anyine explain? please read

Hello, I am new to the waypoint forums, infact this is my first day.

Today I put Halo 4 in and was greeted with a Halo 4 update, it warned that if I did not accept, I would be signed out of Xbox Live-silver
The update downloaded and I went into the campaign lobby. I was surprised to see that my lobby spartan image, roster image, and multi-player spartan were all steel colored default spartans with a black recruit emblem, with the displayed rank being 1 instead of 20. However, in the spartan hub, I have all my previous armor, emblem, and weapon loadouts.

Please help me out, the same thing happened to me in reach and it really infuriates me, as it’s not so easy to make credits offline or on a silver account and I have been working for some time.

The servers are down right now, which is why your player card looks like it does. It has zero to do with the TU.

Here’s what the TU contains.

Thank you!
I’m sorry if this is a frequent or annoying question, I just didn’t know another way of getting info.