Can a species really save its self from extinction

Hey waypoint. I was wondering, since the prophets are in a very tight spot being only thousands left and having an extremely limited gene pool. Can any civilization be saved from extinction and rebuild by just two people ? Say you got Bob and Sam, They mate, and an offspring comes out, they mate a lot more times, 20 offsprings are out later. Bob and Sam continue to mate and eventually after 20 years, they have about more than 80 offsprings. This is where the subject gets wierd but what if those offsprings were to mate and start there own life. I honestly think this could work, but the only exeption is that, what if the offsprings mating with each other (becuase they are so far away fromt he first couple of offsprings) that there offspring would end up with an extra chromosome. The extra chromosome most likely appears withing offsprings that mate within a similar gene pool. These offsprings would end up with downsyndrome. Now that is a down side. Discuss how two orgamisms could basically restart there race.

Please dont be too serious about this subject, please refrain from using religous references. Also, i am bored and was wondering how this would work out for the prophets. Ok guys

Save the prophets and discuss (p.s i dont want to save them as much as you do for annihalating half out race that was just a joke ).

i think they already have downsyndrome, i mean they are killing all the “reclaimers” which is the key to their “religion”

> i think they already have downsyndrome, i mean they are killing all the “reclaimers” which is the key to their “religion”

Truth had his own agenda, and wanted to share it with as few as possible. :wink:

It depends on the genetics of it.

Cheetahs can. Bees can. Some but not all plants can. Starfish can do it with 1 specimen.

But can humans? Heck no. Not only does a certain book confuse me on how a certain A&E propagated a whole race. But it does it twice when a certain great flood occurs and the only survivors are on a boat… and they’re a family. With 2 of every animal… I am still trying to understand certain viewpoints. Both in game and out.

As far as evolution is concerned, our less recognizable ancestors were way past the point of genetic singularity for over a few extinction cycles.

So, humans cant do that ur sayinh, i gotta say im disappointed, but then again. Prophets are not humans :slight_smile: