Can 343 please ban ranked leavers for a couple of days from ranked

Ok. To starts things off I have over 25-30 ranked games played. Im plat 2. The number of games that I have had teammates leave in the beginning of the match or during the match is absurd. I’d say 20 of the ranked matches I’ve played had over 2 players leave the game. It disgusts me that I am not able to rank up because teammates keep leaving and aren’t even banned or disciplined. Can 343 please add some sort of system were if you leave a ranked match, especially in higher ranks, more than 2 times you are banned from ranked playlists for a couple of days, and if it keeps happening ban them permanently from ranked. Ranked leavers seriously impact the gameplay and fun actual players that want to play like me have. I don’t know if the rules have updated on begging 343 to do things because I remember people getting their threads shut down in old waypoint if they asked 343 to do something absurd. Sorry to the mods if my topic is not allowed, I just genuinely do not know.

If this is in regards to Halo: Infinite, what you have to remember is that the servers aren’t stable a quarter of the time. Those leaving the matches may not have had a choice.

On top of crashes most countries are getting dumped in to 200 plus ping games at that point you may as well leave the game