Camping. Legitimate strategy or terrible noobiness

So whats your guys thoughts on camping in Halo 5? Legitimate strategy or awful thing that only noobs do. Sniping is not camping BTW.

I personally thinks its fair, if you kill someone as they exit the base 3 times its kinda their fault for not wising up.

Camping is just one of many perfectly legitimate tactics. If people are stupid enough to be killed by the same person in the same spot, then it’s their problem.

Personally I don’t camp, as I find that it doesn’t work. A good player won’t fall for the same thing twice, so it’s better to move around the map and be unpredictable. But if my shields are recharging, or if I have the shotgun, I will “camp” in a room for a moment. I can usually get an easy kill, but then I’ll move on.

People will always moan and complain about tactics used to beat them. Such as using rockets over and over, or spamming grenades etc. But I have no problem with any tactic, as long as they’re not cheating. Why not use every single tool available to try to win?

Whatever it takes to win. I’d prefer not camping it out to win games tho.

I love it when people complain about camping in battlefield.

There’s times where pushing makes no sense, and times where staying in one spot makes no sense.

A good map strives to eliminate prolonged camping as a valid strategy.

Camping is a legitimate tactic when used properly.

As a gaming sniper, I try to ptfo as much as I can from a far distance. if your roll is marksmen and you need a high point to provide overwatch, I find it doesn’t matter. if you are just hiding in a corner with a shotgun, I’d be a little salty but just adjust my strategy to either avoid that area if you were on the enemy team or funnel the enemy to you if you were a teammate and make a choke point of sorts.

Camping is the best strategy when your teammates quit and the enemy team is snagging all the power weapons at will. You’d be surprised how many times you’ll take them down by waiting quietly and picking them off one by one.

A little of both. It really depends on the situation. Generally, camping is fine and can be a great strategy, but there are certain situations where I think it is less appropriate. Spawn camping vehicles in Warzone (or spawn camping in general) is not really cool, even though a team that is communicating can deal with it fairly easily. The reality is that there are lots of teams of randos out there who aren’t mic’ed up and it is kind of poor tact to take advantage of that to wreck their reqs.

There are also some spots on some maps where the design makes a crouched camper with a shotgun pretty unassailable, and taking advantage of that is less than sporting imo.

Both. Depending on the circumstance. You have to be flexible to survive.

If someone is using a glitch spot and somehow getting a large supply of ammo, then it’s noobiness. But if someone is in a corner or even the middle of the map, wrecking anyone who gets close, then I say it’s legitimate strategy.

Camping is a strategy in certain circumstances, every time I play in Truth I will wait in the spawn area with a BR and crossmap people and as the game goes on I will slowly move farther and farther. Sometimes there is no point in going outside a certain area and you just wait there for someone on the enemy team to foolishly walk by.

I hate campers but it is strategy. I just cannot camp, I get bored just waiting.

It depends, if you have a Sniper than feel free to camp as much as you want.
However if you are talking about the kind of people that waits with a shotgun around a corner for 5minutes than they should get banned from this planet.

in this thread:

campers say it is legitimate

non campers say it isnt

Curious, what actually do we consider camping?

Its a viable strategy when its necessary such as if you are being followed, however sitting in a corner for ten minuets waiting for someone to walk past is “terrible noobiness”

It depends on how the enemy team is playing really. If they are running together, you cannot camp alone. You will die whenever two or three of them find you, so you have to also run in a pack. If they are scattered and running solo, then why should I run around the map endlessly when about every 20 seconds one of them will pop around the corner and I can melt their face off with an SMG?

Campings a legit strategy. Your basically just optimizing your guns. If you have a shotgun, depending on the lines of sight, camping is alot more effective than rushing with it. Same with if there are 4 enemy players nearby but they don’t notice you. You don’t want to run out and alert them all to your position so instead, you camp and wait for a better opportunity.

Perfect with a shotgun, just perfect. That’s luck to have the shotgun, and skill to stay alive so someone else doesn’t get you.