Campers everywhere

I just want to say I love Halo Infinite. I’m having loads of fun!

However, has anyone else noticed that in Objective modes that people will either camp your base or the Oddball somewhere out of the way? I have seen so many campers in my games (moreso than in MCC).

I realize camping has always been in Halo. I should know: I’ve played since 2006. Obviously I doubt 343i intended for there to be lots of campers, but there are currently a LOT of campers especially in BTB Objective games. It gets really annoying spawning into your base only to be ambushed by someone camping your base.

i can tell you why, im one of them.
Im waiting for weapon drops or vehicle spawns to level the F** up.
They should fix this whole exp -Yoink!- and no one is camping anymore.


Fair point made. I see it now. Didn’t realize the messy progression would affect it THIS badly.