Campain/Sops update implications

Let’s talk about how this update will change the campain and spartan ops.

The elites are going to be more dangerous, as many of them commonly use storm rifles and carbines which are stronger now. Also jackles with carbines need to be taken more seriously. Grunts wield neither of these weapons thankfully.

For promeathians, the crawlers are the ones to keep an eye on now, as by far the most common weapon they use is the suppressor, which is stronger. A large group of them needs to be taken seriously. Knights also use the suppressor sometimes, so be aware of that.

As far as i know th update only effects matchmaking but if that’s the case then good a lil bit more of a challenge is welcome

The update only affects matchmaking.

> The update only affects matchmaking.

Oh. Nvm then

It’s very disappointing it does not affect Spartan Ops, because we could use it as a lag free training ground for testing all the weapons too.