What new things do you all want to see in Halo Infinite campaign

Lots of emotion. I’m hoping 343 can bring the feels :slight_smile:
There are a lot of fantastic characters that we all love. I want to be reminded why.

I would like to see more Forerunner vehicles. We know the soldiers are more than capable of driving. Maybe a Tron-like lightcycle?

Kind of a broad topic, but ok. Cortana’s “Covenant” need to feel fresh and different. There’s no way we’re just fighting prometheans all game.
I think they should have an overarching stylistic theme to their Armor. Hardlight Holograms on high ranking zealots and chieftains like the Zealot from this picture from the recent community update would be cool. (Off topic but Speaking of that pic is that Halo Infinite’s Elites? Or did I miss something in the article)

Anyway, I think incorporating a slight forerunner aesthetic to the Created Covenant forces (like hardlight decoration on their armor) would help visually distinguish them from other former Covenant factions from the past and the Swords of Sangheilios.