Campaign Yay, Story Meh.

So campaign, it was fun i enjoyed playing through the levels i thought they had unique design and feel and a fun way too play (Actual boss fights :D) But the story given in the campaign was none the less bad. My opinions on this is that when chief went rogue it really didn’t feel like it there was no build up it was just yep i’m rogue, it was missing something then thought the campaign the story felt too jumpy without any character development, i mean we saw Arbiter cool, but there was no character development with him after we haven’t seen him for so long. Spoilers ahead When we saved Blue team at the end of the game there was no tension between them two they seemed to magically be cool with each other even after Chief and Locke had a fight.
In the end my thoughts are There was no build up in Chief going Rogue, the game seemed too jumpy from switching from one place too the other and there was not enough character development.
What are ur thoughts on this?