Campaign: Why can't you refill Energy Swords?

Virtually every weapon can be refilled at any of the 4 types of refill zones, but I noticed you can’t refill Energy Swords, while you can however walk over an Energy Sword on the ground to refill your current one, instead of swapping them. When it comes to the Duelist Energy Sword, there is no way to refill it at all, except by constantly going back to a FOB to get a new one.

This seems like a minor complaint, but it’s actually tedious if you’re just trying to rush all these Rescue Squad zones. It’s not like Energy Refill machines are that common anyway, but just a tiny change like allowing Duelist Energy Sword to refill at one, would save minutes on walking (spamming grapple tbh), and hours on grinding side quests.

Maybe I’m alone on this, but swords run out fast anyway, so it’s not like letting them refill at Energy Refill machines would be game breaking.

Because that will cost you $19.99 to refill a sword at a station. Jokes and satire aside, probably a bug because it seems to me like 343 is more focused on the store and progression than making an actual good game.


I’ve seen plenty of bugs already, like I tried to find the last enemy to rescue Pyramid Squad, and the red dot was saying the last enemy spawned like 500 km across the Ring for some reason. I had to reset. I also just found a Banished Phantom laying on the ground cloaked. Just walked right in, grabbed the plasma canon, hopped out, blew it up. It was just chilling there, smoking a little bit. I crashed into it with a Warthog wondering what I just hit. Also Campaign crashes a lot while in the loading screen. I also grappled the ground once and fell under the map in a Boss fight. I’m hoping that Energy Swords being unable to refill is just another bug.

I think it’s most likely a balancing thing to make sure you’re not constantly running around with one of the most powerful weapons in the game (especially vs. brutes).

Also, it’s my understanding that the swords don’t run on the same kind of plasma substrate and battery as the other covenant weapons, and that the sword is somewhere between hardlight and plasma in composition. :man_shrugging:

Edit: You’re wrong. You can refill energy swords. :slight_smile:

There are five vending machines, one for each ammo type,

  • Kinetic
  • Plasma
  • HardLight (Rare)
  • Shock (Rare)
  • Power/heavy (Very Rare)

Mild spoilers:
I found a power weapon refill station (can refill sword) near a Mjolnir armory, which is near The Tower (base) on the southwest island. (bottom left on map). I think it was the Scorpion Horvath Armor coating box.

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Swords and Hammers are considered the Power Category, not Kinetic or Plasma.
Those stations are only Kinetic or Plasma.

But the more obvious conclusion is that Power weapons shouldn’t be refillable cos it would cheapen the game too much, and it’s not like Energy Sword racks don’t exist, they do.


You should still be able to recharge them at a station, maybe add a cooldown to that option? there are other ways of doing it, and the OP said you can still refill it by picking up ones on the ground so.

Or just have more Energy Sword racks around I guess.
I do see a lack of Energy Sword racks in most outposts.

You can’t refill weapons like the sniper either. It’s considered a power weapon.

So power weapons are too powerful to refill, but these powerful Variant weapons are fine? I’m basically using nothing but the Riven Mangler and Grapple Emp Slam 99% of the time, because it has bladed weapon increased melee damage and is a strong gun. I practically just carry the Duelist Energy Sword for the run and jump boosts, to make getting around the map 30% faster. Campaign is basically Grapple Simulator. I don’t think being able to refill this sword at Energy Refill machines is any more game breaking than getting another at the FOB, but it just saves time if you happened to find one at that base, which is already rare. Soon I’ll be able to spawn a Wasp anytime I want from a FOB, and that’s not unbalanced? Balance isn’t really a good argument in Infinite Campaign. I mowed down almost all the bosses with a Ghost.

You must be new here. You could never refill energy swords.

you can if you find one on the ground I don’t care if it’s a power weapon you should be able to refill it with a cooldown timer between refills.

Bruh you can literally refill Normal Energy Swords with other Energy Swords, but not from Refill Machines. You must be new here. You just can’t refill the Variant Duelist Energy Sword with anything, unless you go all the way back to a FOB. You can also refill Gravity Hammers with other Gravity Hammers. Play more multiplayer.

In older halos? No you can’t.

You can refill swords. Just not at ammo crates. You have to find another sword to refill it. Once you do just walk over the dropped sword and you’ll get more ammo for your current one, but it has to be the same. Energy sword can only be refilled by energy sword.

Becasue it is a power weapon??

I think it’s because it is considered a power weapon. It’s the same deal with sniper and rockets for example. Personally I think it’d be more fun if they just let you refill power weapons lol

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With a cooldown because it’s a power weapon.

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Nobody said anything about older Halo games. This is Infinite.

I mean I can get infinite SPNKr rockets at a FOB and load 5 Marines in a Razorback, then storm into any objective base, taking down everyone easily. This also allows me to bring a ton of extra Power Weapons anywhere I go, so I could essentially keep refilling, but it’s extra time and effort to do it. If I really wanted to, I could camp any boss with Variant Snipers, and keep swapping with 5 other Marines. In Co-op, all 4 of us could abuse this. Balance doesn’t even exist in Campaign.

I also think Power Weapons should be able to be refilled at Refill stations, but they take all the power out of the machine, and maybe only half refill the Power Weapon, instead of being able to use it again. The game is already very poorly balanced, and littered with Power Weapons all over the place anyway. What’s a couple more rockets or sword slashes in one base? You’ll probably find another Power Weapon just trying to find a Recharge station anyway. Just lets us use those new Variants a little longer. They run out pretty quickly anyway.

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that would work too or a cooldown to reload power weapons.