Campaign trailer soon?

We all know that the game is coming out is a little over a month until release, but I think that a Campaign/cinematic trailer should be released to get us all super excited and pumped up. Do you agree?

The time has almost come, Reclaimer, be patient.

I think they’ve shown enough of the campaign really.

That should probably wait for a Launch trailer within a week or two of launch. The game is only a month away, and we do need a launch trailer. So I think they shouldn’t show anymore campaign to avoid spoilers. And just release one final campaign trailer as an epic Launch Trailer!!! I hope they do show off the map remake though! But just the map remake, the other maps still in the dark should remain in the dark.

> I think they’ve shown enough of the campaign really.

Exactly, if any campaign is shown it should be for an awesome Launch trailer.

I’m curious as to why custom games and forge hasn’t really been talked about, and as Cobra said enough campaign.

I’ve seen enough Campaign. We need a Forge video!

They just showed us a good chunk from a Campaign mission played (rather badly) by Frank O’Connor. Just sayin’ Frank. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the end of that mission there looks to be some massive spoiler ahead. I think that’s enough Campaign Footage. Remember what happened with Reach? Bungie showed us almost all the footage and it made the story a little stale.

One thing that I seriously don’t want to see in a trailer is the physical appearance of the Didact. I want to experience that myself. If he’s the one in he giant floating ball of awesomeness then I want be at the edge of my seat, biting my nails as the Cryptum opens.