Campaign: Time & Scoring HUD still having issues?

Forgive me if I have missed it posted elsewhere and feel free to lock this topic if so.

I have been working on beating the par score and par time on campaign missions lately while waiting for matchmaking to get better, and I notice that oftentimes the scoring and time HUD simply won’t appear even though it’s enabled in the missions options before I start.

To try to get it to show up (this has not worked), I have left the mission I was in when I noticed it didn’t appear, turned the HUD completely off, started a different mission, left that mission, turned it back on, started a couple more missions and it still didn’t appear.

I find that not having it makes it nearly impossible for me to beat the par score because I have no way to keep track of how many marines have died and how much time I have left without counting the bodies manually, which of course wastes time.

Speaking of the HUD, why is there no option to have both the Time HUD and the Scoring HUD visible at the same time? I know, I know, it goes in a separate topic, and I will post one, but thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Competitive Score gives both time and score.

I ran into this in the first week but havnt since. Wonder why not fixed for everyone? And time/score at same time would be nice

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> Competitive Score gives both time and score.

Good to know :slight_smile:

I often have an issue where the score does show up but occasionally, halfway through a mission, I start getting 0 points for every kill.