Campaign Theory on Halo Xbox One

I think Frank O’Connor mentioned at last year’s Halo Fest that Spartan teams like Blue Team and Red Team will end up being a part of Master Chief’s story. My theory is that with Kinect being an integrated part of every Xbox One, 343i is going to create a story in which Master Chief will be commanding other Spartans, like those of Red team and Blue team. I have a feeling we won’t be issuing voice commands but will be making commanding gestures. So a raised fist would stop the team of Spartans or pointing in a direction will move the Spartans in a certain direction. It makes sense to me and I think it’s a neat feature that even the hardcore gamers who play campaign can accept.

Yeah the red and blue team should show up but using the kinect would not be good. It would be better if they were replacements for the random marines/ODSTs that would show up in campaign levels and also as playable Spartans in multiplayer campaign.

That would be nice.

It would be cool to see randomly generated Spartans. Similar to the dead Spartan bodies at the end of Halo Reach.