Campaign Suddenly Freezing. Unplayable.

I haven’t played HW2 in two weeks, been busy working. Up until two weeks ago I was playing campaign fine. When I fired up the Xbox today, I got a big 7GB patch for Halo Wars 2. After this patch, I tried to continue my campaign, but it won’t work. Every time I load my campaign game, the screen goes black, makes a high speed clicking sound, and then kicks me back to the Xbox One Dashboard. (Note, the high speed clicking sound is NOT coming from the xbox itself, it’s coming from the TV speakers. It’s not a hardware sound.)

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First of all you shouldn’t spam, edit your posts. And second of all I didn’t even know there was any updates today. I played a mission and I didn’t get any issues.

First of all, you can’t delete posts. So that wrong Youtube embed will have to stay. Second, I uploaded a video of this problem happening. It’s right there at the second Youtube link. See for yourself.

Go to mission select and reselect whatever mission you’re on, it goes without saying that you’ll have to start whatever mission you’re on from the beginning. It seems that updates break save game compatibility.