**Campaign Spoiler** I hope this is not true with Infinite's story!



Cortana supposedly destroyed Dosiac (the Brute homeworld).

I very much hope this was just a trick by Cortana to mess with Atriox’s head and actually did not destroy Dosiac.

It would be a big time shame to have Dosiac destroyed like that. An entire planet with it’s own history and elements would make for an amazing place to explore in the future. If it’s destroyed, that is a big time unfortunate loss to the Halo universe.

I for one, in my own opinion, greatly hope Dosiac was not destroyed and that whole scene was Cortana trying to mess with Atriox’s mind.

What are your thoughts?


Atriox will just make the Endless turn back time to before when Cortana destroyed Doisac. Simples.


Personally, I don’t think that’s how the Endless work. If that was the case, it would cause so many conflicts that it would not be worth.

If we’re going to talk ‘easiest’ way to have Dosiac ‘back’ then that simply would be Cortana was lying to Atriox to manipulate him into doing what she wanted and thus Dosiac was never destroyed.

Personally I think it’s gone. We can always explore the rubble, or the many other homeworlds of the various races.


Cortana nuked it. Just like the Spartans on the station. Granted she commanded someone else to do it.

I guess it being a trick by Cortana is perfectly plausible. Atriox wasn’t in a position to verify what Cortana was telling him so from her perspective a convincing lie achieves the same result as actually doing it. That would also make it easier to ‘redeem’ Cortana in the eyes of the audience.

That sort of confused me about the story, the writers try to turn Cortana from bad to good but during that story have her allegedly destroy an entire planet with a population of millions if not billions. That’s just making her seem beyond redemption, especially when her turning good is basically “oops I’m going to die now and I forget we were meant to be a team, sorry about that”.

If they wanted to redeem Cortana they could have just had her actions in 5 be down to her being corrupted by the gravemind (H2-3), by the domain, by the Didact, or it purely being down to her rampancy. Any of those could have then been solved easily enough, ‘the Weapon’ could have just been a factory reset, or an anti-virus or access to the domain or a forerunner AI like Offensive Bias could have fixed her.

Don’t get me wrong Halo 4 and Halo 5 weren’t the greatest games but there was a clear story direction with both games ending on cliff hangers and it feels like 343 couldn’t be bothered to resolve any of the story arcs and went with a soft reboot option instead.


I don’t care about the kill count, I want my waifu back. :sob:

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Very well put. I agree with lots of your points.

Ha what is “waifu”? I feel like I need to know now.

I refuse to believe it is destroyed :slight_smile:

Exploring the rubble? Naaaa… if it’s destroyed as Cortana showed, there wouldn’t be a freaking thing to explore. Destruction at that magnitude would be so great that little to nothing would exist. Think of the Great Pyramids… if the Earth was destroyed in similar fashion, if something as indestructible as the Pyramids of Egypt would be tossed around like nothing to the point where no proof of its existence remains. If you want to explore anything from Dosiac, it’s only going to be if it turns out Cortana was lying to Atriox.

Gotta steal that one from urban dictionary:

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:eggplant: :peach:

It being destroyed doesn’t stop someone from writing a Reach-style story of it’s destruction, or of any era prior.

As others have said, Chief could end up time travelling back to convince Cortana she’s got the Logic Plague etc etc We’re getting Terminator. Got to go back in time and save Skynet.

But it’s definitely happened. Escharum confirms this when you are at the House of Reckoning. I am paraphrasing slightly but it’s something like:

“Your Created. The False God Cortana, destroyed my homeworld. It made us stronger! Can you say the same?”

It never really had any lore so I didn’t feel I missed out seeing Doisac. Essentially it’s Kashykk from Star Wars if the Wookiees were flesh eating monsters without any redeeming characteristics and a parody of everything that makes Wookiees likeable. :smile: They were not peace loving people minding their own business. It’s a den of marauding barbarians who butcher innocent people and take joy in it. Twice guilty of attempting genocide on humanity and the Elites. They are not the Krogan.

Now, it’s a little hard to tell since we get so little context. But I think the whole deal with the Banished is that they are as flawed, doomed and broken as the Covenant. Look at Esharum, a guy who projects strength and is loud but is ultimately sick and doomed to die. He’s a metaphor for the Brutes as whole. They’re dead. Done. Now Atriox is doing exactly what Wrex said the Krogan from Mass Effect shouldn’t do and engage in a pointless war that will get the last of them killed. This is one man’s pride and vengeance dressed up as glory; when it’s actually suicide.

Like if the Brutes really have nothing left to lose, the implication is they didn’t have that many colonies and what’s left is not even worth considering. But Atriox will simply make the Brutes enemies of the entire Galaxy and they will come for him once they learn what he plans.

I think Doisac being destroyed is to give the Brutes and Banished motivation. They are a twisted version of the humans from Battlestar Galactica. A migrant fleet that’s now spreading death and ruin across the galaxy because it has “nothing left to lose”. Lashing out madly before it finally dies.

Stop my Halo “construction” can only get so erect.

Going into Infinite I was hoping Cortana could be redeemed and would return, I liked the character, I like what they did with her in 4, her at the end of her life and trying to keep it together resonated on an emotional level even more than her being stuck with the gravemind between 2 and 3 and as a result her coming back but turning on the player in 5 felt like a real betrayal.

For me though Infinite did such a poor job of Cortana’s story. She barely features and when she does it just felt rushed and for me really lacked any emotional impact, it just felt cheap.


If Offensive Bias is in, they probably are going to do the Logic Plague reveal. Plus, the Weapon is a blank slate version of Cortana but she’s shocked by what she sees herself doing. That suggests it’s experience rather than nature which made her do it. What could be more damaging than the Gravemind encounter?

There’s also a very specific discussion Chief and the Weapon have about Doisac which points towards this:

Chief - “It’s my fault.”

Weapon - “How?”

Chief - “I could have stopped it. I could have reasoned with her.”

Weapon - “Could you? It was her choice, her programming.

Chief - “Was it? I don’t know anymore.”

Which is very important because its the first time they directly address the issue of why Cortana would be bad at all. Talking about programming implies that it maybe wasn’t entirely her choice: the Weapons presence being the main indicator of that. What if the Logic Plague is going to be explained in terms of reprogramming and essentially mind control. Precisely why the Chief is doubting this. How can this blank slate be so innocent if Cortana was like Halsey and predisposed to think in terms of the Greater Good. That is referenced in Halo 5 and Infinite. But this directly contradicts that.

I mean, maybe there is no Time Travel. Perhaps it’s as simple as the Weapon absorbing more and more of Cortana memories until she just becomes her. Then the Chief does get to talk her down but with the knowledge and perspective to actually do it.

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I prefer Doisac destroyed.

Always hated that place :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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“A bloody fate awaits you and the rest of your incompetent race and I, Tartarus, Chieftain of the Brutes will send you to it”

Karma. :blush:

To be honest I felt it was throwing Cortana under the bus destroying Doisac. The Banished do not need an excuse and it throws up too many questions of why them and not Earth or Sanghelios. Plus if the intent was to inspire sympathy in Atriox and the Brutes, no, he’s a hypocrite and has no right to complain given what they’ve done. Especially not against the humans and elites. It is not a just cause at all.


Damn, son. Why you so cold? :cold_face: ( I agree though)

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I just don’t like how they threw Cortana under the bus again with Infinite. We get it. Toaster giving people orders is bad. I don’t need to be told that. But 343 keep up with the pretence Atriox is a sympathetic villain. I think they really confused people by introducing us to him with his rebellion against the Covenant. Fans naturally think he must be noble like the Arbiter and have good intentions behind that because the Covenant are bad; so Atriox must be good. They’ve relied on the ambivalence of the Banished lore but their actual role in the story is so absurdly malevolent. Like, how could any human work for this faction given their goals? They want to destroy Earth and burn humanity.

Like really, I am not sure why Chief doesn’t challenge the Brutes that they destroyed Reach; his adopted home. Who the hell are they to demand vengeance? Even the more irreverent marines, there is some lines indicating hatred, but it’s never seriously challenging the factions motivation. Unlike in Halo Bad Blood where Bucke does a whole diatribe on why Fascist Toasters are bad. But the Banished are just okay I guess. Morally grey and nuanced faction there. It’s really odd to be wheeling out all the Locke vs Hobbes and discuss totalitarianism with the Created. But you’re going to present the flesh eating monsters who actually want to exterminate humanity as just another war to fight? Okay.