Campaign Spartans (and extra)

So I was wondering if we could see an option in the future to replace the Master Chief in the campaign with your multiplayer spartan, similarly to how weapon skins in campaign work. Even though it doesn’t make sense lore-wise, it’d be fun to mess around with. It shouldn’t be a problem with the playerbase, as campaign is a solo/party only thing. While I’m at it, can we see the Halo 4 weapon skins in campaign as well?

(on another note, i couldn’t find my post about this before the waypoint update, which is why this might seem a bit familiar to some)


Would be a cool option for off-host players.

I’ve always wanted this. In all the campaigns it would be perfectly logical and easy to insert different armor pieces and still call them master chief, hell you could even play with whatever body type and voice you wanted except the brief parts at the end of Halo 3 and in Halo 4/5 where he’s referred to as John. It would make total sense to me for us to be able to pick and choose armor in the campaign and still call them Master Chief. If people don’t like that, they can just use Chief’s default armor in the campaign. It would make me much more interested in the customization… I don’t care for random xbox players to see my armor, but I would love to see my dope armor in a cutscene, that’s why I worked so hard to unlock things in Halo Reach.

Sadly my guess is that this feature won’t come, but that the next campaign will allow you to use your MP Spartan (either because Chief dies (unlikely) or because he takes a backseat as an NPC, so 343 can sell more customization to the fans.