Campaign/Spartan ops simply isn't good enough

Lots of halo 4 isn’t fun on harder difficulties. Since 343 seem to be making more spartan opps i think it would benefit them greatly if they made spartan opps (and campaign) better. But what’s so bad about Spartan opps you ask? Ai. Since enemies are unvaried and behave predictably. Difficulty simply makes the player weak and the enemy immortal- Not a good game mechanic.

and hey… spartan opps. Multiplayer puts it at legendary. Which means that you die a lot. But other than loosing your new weapon and giving the enemy a chance to regenerate their health dying in spartan ops is simply meaningless. Iv found piles of my own bodies before. it’s less about keeping your team alive and more about sacrificing yourself for the bigger kills (by the way, don’t allow others to steal assassinations and assists should be worth more than kills) it’s

Campaign on legendary difficulty usualy resorts to the player hiding and sniping. It’s not fun. It’s because the player has so little health combined with the enemy having so much. If the game was more difficult because of how the enemy acted it would be far better.

Human marines in halo 4 are juggernauts. put them on legendary and watch them absorb Elite punches like sponges and stains. E2,C3 of spartan ops you find them in this state, against the wall bouncing slightly backwards as the 8 foot tall squid face futilely slaps his 5 foot tall foe again and again. you also have enemies standing around whilst getting shot if you’re too far away.

I know all halo games do it. but it’s gotta stop. Play legendary and you’ve got more commanders than you have subordinates, just as many primes as you have crawlers. The enemy can laugh of rocket launchers to the face. Grunts have more health than you.

Rather, characters need to get smarter and attain new abilities which occur beyond a certain difficulty (Elites aren’t going to sprint on easy and grunts won’t throw their grenades as a group on anything under heroic) And not everything should occur to all ranks (Much like how you shouldn’t run with scissors-zealots shouldn’t run with swords.)

Marine/npc spartan
-Takes cover like a normal person would. Tries to dodge fire whilst in cover
psuedo blind fire. Their visr probably allows them to see enemies through walls. so they should be able to shoot the enemy without exposing themselves.
-Moves along cover and jumps between cover.
-Trade weapons.
-use teamwork to achieve noob combos.
-Drive well, Work out logicaly where to sit ( If there is four people, three warthogs , four ghosts and a wraith… they currently tend to fill a warthog and let the loner walk.

-Takes cover like a human (no visr). (riflemen)
-Forms phalanx or shield wall. On legendary to allow grunts behind to throw grenades
-strafing as opposed to cowardly running away when the player is close but odds are favourable
-jackal knifemen. Why not? Jackals are fast, some have shields and ship piracy is a part of their culture.


  • group throwing (all grunts throw at the same time)
  • dual throwing
  • Rapid throwing.
  • Shoot whilst throwing
  • Dual wielding fuel rods with another fuel rod or a plamsa pistol.

-Command. Elites should visibly give orders to their allies.
-Sprint. which should also knock smaller characters away.
-Dual wield. (any weapon combination except the fuel rod. less accurate for all of them though)
-throwing grenades whilst moving.
-Throwing dead bodies at the player.
-Full auto (ignoring short controlled bursts)
-wide swing (hit multiple characters at once including teamates. sword and standard mellee)
-Sidestep/crouch to dodge slow projectiles. (cover isn’t cool)

Elites with good camo/sprint should not have strong shields.

-New offensive teleportation patterns.
-Possible ‘boss’ like moves. Such as creating an easy to dodge but hard hitting forward attack, or unleashing explosive balls around itself.

Knights with power weapons should not have more health than knights without.


  • Less health. Faster. (all difficulties)
  • Uses abilities more frequently
  • only revives it’s own knight (not others) on easy/normal


  • sniper takes time to line up shot. Do you have any idea what grief these guys make on legendary?
  • understand personal space when not trying to mellee.
  • Climb on walls more.

banshee. As well as an AI fix they need a movement fix. Im tired of halo dogfights being contests in which two banshee travel around in a circle trying to shoot the guy in front. Bombing people was pretty fun… but doesn’t require much skill and is safe to do. Ai banshees don’t offer a challenge to a player controlled one.

-Much faster.
-Slow mode. No falling when going slow. (the extra time you have to shoot things is negated by how everything has extra time to shoot)Also to allow the player to spin on the spot.
-Camera’s angle is equal to the banshee. (it leans when the banshee leans)
-Much less resilient to damage. Assault rifles should be able to destroy one.
-destroying the wings should change performance
-Hitting something head on in fast mode/boost should blow up the banshee always. Covenant should often try to do that. The engine pods should also repulse away from the ground when active to allow for splatters to not usualy be a suicide attack.
-Enemy banshees should communicate with each other/commanders to lure allied banshees into traps. for instance one banshee might try and get the player to follow it so that another may get behind the assailant.