Campaign skulls still glitched after patch

I was one of many people who got hit with the progression bug in the previous version of the game where all campaign progression and saves were lost which has been really frustrating as iv been trying to 100% this game and working through. In this update it was addressed and i did get most of my stats back (minus saves but thats ok) of which i am thankful for. However now it seems the skulls were messed up in this last update because all skulls on all missions are now gone even tho it says i have all the bonus and optional objectives so im confused as to how the skulls aren’t there. On waypoint it still shows i have the skulls but game does not. Even when going back and doing the optional objectives to re-unlock them they’re just stuck at 0 now. This whole thing just kind of frustrating iv been trying to 100% this game and between stuff glitching out and achievements not poping half the time or things that have been done before that never unlocked its to much. I hope this all gets fixed up by the time the big campaign dlc comes out cause im really trying to finish these achives.

If this is still an issue OP, please make sure to report it here:

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