Campaign should grant you XP

In halo reach you could earn Xp just by playing the campaign. It wasn’t allot but it was something. And you could also complete challenges aswell.

Infinite should do the same.


I wouldn’t mind them introducing campaign challenges. That said pass progression has already been made pretty quick. Play 6 mp games and you’re guaranteed a level, regardless of performance and not including any other challenges.

i agree it also.

since you can use special challence’s for the halo infinite campaign more.

for exemple: defeat 5000 enemy’s with the Diminisher of Hope or any other weapon or vehicles in the campaign mode.
and if it means that you need to start a new save file for it there can add also missions in it or boss’s or how many missions you most compleet on … difficulty maybe.
or clear any type off bunker challance.
or to make sure that Squad … all the members surfive on … difficulty.
or put 5 mariene’s in the razorback with that type weapon and defeat … enemy’s with it will driving the razorback.
what there also can do is you need to defeat Boss X in less then 10 sec’s on … difficulty.
same with the HVT’s there can add also with that type weapon you need to defeat him.
or with skull … you most compleet 1 mission on … difficulty.

there are a lot off way’s there can do.