Campaign... Shaking Objects? (non-spoiler discussion)

Has anyone else noticed that in campaign, the characters and weapons (and other objects)… shake?

Not all of them, and not all the time. But like, the eyes of “the weapon” will be shaking in some cutscenes. Or the bolt/charging handle on the BR will be shaking inside the gun as you’re holding it. Master Chief will seem to be slightly shaking during the in-engine/game cutscenes. too.

Now that I’ve noticed it, I see it happening all over the place and all the time, especially during in-engine/game cutscenes. Why does this happen? Is there a patch planned for this? Is there a setting that’s causing this?

Once you notice it, you can’t ignore it anymore. And it’s super annoying.

Noticed it too. Driving me insane since I have no idea how to stop it.

I’ve been noticing this since Halo 5. Probably just an engine issue.