Campaign Scoring Broken?

So last night I was playing though the campaign with scoring turned on for fun to see how I would do. And it was working fine for about half the level (Cairo station, legendary) and then about halfway through the scoring stopped. Everytime I got a kill I would see a red zero added to my score instead of the appropriate points for the kills. I would still lose points when I died I just couldn’t earn anymore. I tried restarting and the samething happened. Any ideas?

I’ve had the same thing happening on all my Halo:CE levels so far. I get about half way through a level and it stops scoring.
Also, my guide button does not take me to the dashboard from the game. The double tap to snap works, but it won’t take me to the dash from MCC. I’ve tried it again from Sunset Overdrive and it works just fine.

I have the same issue but not as bad. For some missions on Halo CEA i managed to go from the beginning to the end of the missions with still the scoring intact until i got to the 3rd mission. Halfway through and i got 0 points for every kill i got and lost 100-200 points for death. After i saved captain Keyes the scoring UI disappeared. My guide button stillt akes me to the dashboard so i haven’t got that issue though.

I noticed this myself its frustrating

I’ve had the same thing happen, I thought it was either because I died too many times or the fantastic marine AI thought it would be a good idea to get in front of me while I was shooting an enemy, which caused me to lose points and it hit a points cap or something. Which is stupid.

Now this time I KNOW it’s not Microsofts servers, so please look into this, 343.

EDIT: Ok, just saw in another post that they’re releasing a patch to fix the campaign/scoring issues people are having. Kudos, 343.