Campaign Scale Back. Was it worth it?

Halo 5 had a plethora of advertisement going into campaign just to leave a lot of players, like myself, asking more questions than any that got answered. After spending well over a year getting ready and staying up with the current trailers and information about the game, of course the first thing I do when I get my hands on the game is dive head first into the campaign. All-in-all it is a very exciting story with very smooth level transitions(there were times I would look up and realize I was 4 levels from where I started from), great dialogue, and plenty of bad guys who needed their -Yoinks!- kicked spartan style. However as the levels got closer and closer to the end I began to seem disappointed with different parts of the story that were not explored further and gaps in the story where it seemed maybe some levels were cut out. Throughout the advertisement we were given the impression that the campaign was a vast story with the chief being labeled a traitor because of this awesome mission that only he understands, Locke hunting him down and blaming him for this huge catastrophe and the conflicting evidence that ONI was hiding something. The campaign we were shown however was anything but. As I read around and looked into possibly something that I missed, I came across this article(see link below) from screenrant, that mentioned that the campaign had been scaled back.
I was wondering what was taken out when they scaled it back?
What was the reasoning behind it and could it possibly be released as a update later so those who want to play through the full original campaign could do so?

Let me know your opinion on this below!

  • Steel f1st