Campaign Resets - What causes this?

Ugh, it’s happened AGAIN!

I’ve been playing Reach since September, beaten every mission on every difficulty, with all skulls. I turn on my 360 on Saturday and find myself welcomed by -Yoink- Carter. I reset my 360, log in, and see my rank and armor color appear but my campaign progress is now 0%.

This has happened to me twice, and once to my wife as well. It’s not a huge deal to replay the missions but for a whopping 343 cR (no pun, I actually got 343 credits for completing the first four stages each) it doesn’t feel like it’s even worth the trouble.

So what causes this?
Is this a console issue?
A disk problem?
Or just bad programming on behalf of Bungie?

This has happened to me as well. I signed into Xbox Live and booted up Halo Reach. I see the new LASO challenge and i press A to jump to an appropriate lobby, but i was met with a chock. My campaign progress had been reset, although i have completed the game on Normal (I was three Missions away from completing it on legendary).
I don’t know what causes this but i really hope that 343i fixes it in the upcoming title update, but it’s “nice” to hear i’m not the only one with this problem. If you find a solution to this please tell me

  • John

My first guess would be corrupted saved game due to (slightly) malfunction HDD.

Anyway, a few tips in case it’s NOT your HDD:- sign in with your account before starting Reach (or any other game for that matter)- never sign out of your account while the game is still running, even if you’re at the title screen- always hit the guide button and return to the dashboard before turning off your console- never, ever turn off your console or sign out of your account while the game is loading or savingI know that some of that sounds a bit paranoid, but it works for me. :slight_smile:

Most commonly this is caused by shutting down the console while the game is in the process of saving or returning to a menu. In other words, let’s say you just finished a game, and you get that “saving screen” that pops up. If you turn off the console while it’s doing that, you risk corrupting the save and your data resets. I used to do this quite often, and as a result, my campaign data would reset almost on a weekly basis. After I made the connection, I stopped doing it. Thus far, it hasn’t happened since.

This happened to me literally 2 days ago. I booted up Reach to find that my rank was Recruit, but my armor was still the same. I rebooted it and my rank returned to normal, but my Campaign progress was reset.

I think I may have accidentally left my Xbox on with Reach in (Sometimes I just turn off the TV and forget about the Xbox) and there must have been a power outage or something.

It’s happened to me once. So I did all the missions up to Exodus again and did the Weekly.

Try doing recover gamertag. Always fixes whatever problem for me.

my theorie is bungie is slowly transferring data to 343 and some files became corrupted? idk if it’s true but it seems plausible due to the fact that this has spiked up recently

This happened to me as well. The only Achievement I haven’t unlocked in Reach is A Monument to All Your Sins. I was beating a level on Legendary here and there, then one day, boom, campaign reset :frowning: I’m kind of afraid to try again, worried it’ll reset another time. Is there any fix for this in the update?

> Or just bad programming on behalf of Bungie?

It’s that.

Halo: Reach’s file management is pretty much the worst I’ve seen in any game or program ever. Calling Reach save data “unstable” would be paying the game a compliment. I really hope that the TU addresses the game’s file system.

And by “addresses”, I mean “replaces”.

happened 3 or 4 times to me, I also had to reselect my armor pieces, not rebuy them thankfully, but it was still annoying.