Campaign QoL feedback

There are a few things that I feel the Halo Infinite campaign is missing that would make life a lot easier.
Right now I’m not very far so I’m sure I’ll find more things, if that’s the case I’ll either update this post or create another one.
p.s. I won’t be able to answer any comments on this post as I will lock it out of fear of trolls spoiling the story. Sorry for that.

The first one pretains to the map,
I find it rather odd that an Open World game doesn’t have a ‘‘Legend’’ i.e. a list that explains the UI elements of your map and what they mean.
The second one is the friendly AI, please can I not have 53 bazillion marines follow me every time? I’d much rather recruit them than have them follow me automatically.
Ruins the experience when you’re taking in the atmosphere and you have some marine spewing nonsense constantly.
The third one is that for some reason FOB icons turn blue when completed, while Squad rescue missions goes from the same blue to a greyed out option when rescued.
I’m sorry what? Who thought this confusing design was a good idea?.
Make uncompleted squad rescue encounters yellow to represent the trap they’re in, or red like the FOBs to represent the banished faction.

The fourth one I’m putting down here because I don’t know if this is something that’ll change the further into the game I get, but I would love the ability to extend the range of my Grapple-hook and from what I can see in the Upgrade tree, that just isn’t possible.

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