Campaign progress missing

So I log into halo 4 today and find suddenly it’s completely forgotten everything I’ve done. All my settings have been reset, as in, my armor choices, colors, service tag, loadouts and emblem have all been set to default. However it still knows I’m rank 115 and it knows everything I unlocked. [seeing 200 some yellow stars on my armor unlocks was a tad maddening]

So while annoying, I quickly put my armor back the way it was and fixed my Spartan ID back and even did my best to remember all my loadouts. But then I go to campaign. It has forgotten I ever played campaign. It starts me off on prologue and there’s no other levels showing up.

It seems to have no idea that I’ve beaten the game on legendary solo [although I still have the Mark VI and emblems and achievement associated with doing it. Because, y’know, I did.] and thinks I haven’t touched Spartan Ops or Wargames. I got the introduction to war games from Palmer all over again, and though it says I have completed every level of Spartan Ops on legendary, all the cinematics say I haven’t watched them.

So my main concern and annoyance and anger here, is that Campaign has completely forgotten I’ve played every level on legendary solo and on heroic co-op. Why did it forget? How can I fix it? Or am I left with playing through the game again? [On easy just to unlock the levels because I am not going through the stress of legendary solo again. Sorry. It was hell for me to do that.]

Edit: Oh I should add that I have restarted the game, and the Xbox. A few times, and it’s not remembered my progress.

I had a similar issue recently. Deleting my profile from my Xbox and then recovering it from live fixed it.

Sounds like profile corruption.

I’m told that Xbox LIVE keeps backups of your profile on its servers. Apparently, if you delete and recover your profile soon enough, you may be able to grab an earlier version that wasn’t affected by data loss.

However, I’ve never had to try that myself, so I’m not certain that it works.

If I delete my profile and recover it, does that mean I have to renew my content license and everything for all my games and DLC and content?

> If I delete my profile and recover it, does that mean I have to renew my content license and everything for all my games and DLC and content?

I’m not sure, sorry. Wish I could be more helpful. :\

No worries. I’ll give it a try and see what happens. I’ll report back shortly.

Edit: Nope. That didn’t work. At least I don’t have to redo my content licenses. But now I’m really disappointed that I’ve lost my in game Halo 4 progress. I guess I
m just SOL? Nothing can be done about it?

I’m really sorry to bump, but I want to make sure I’m out of luck and there’s nothing anyone [Xbox, 343, myself] can do to fix this.

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Moving to the Halo Waypoint section. Hopefully, it’ll get more attention there.

Thanks for your help David, I appreciate it.

> Thanks for your help David, I appreciate it.

No problem, but I’m not optimistic. If recovering your profile didn’t help, it may be because the post-deletion data was backed up to LIVE too soon. As far as I know, a 343i employee can’t remotely tamper with your game save to unlock the missions, so I’m not sure anything can be done at this point. :frowning:

(I wonder… It should be technically possible for the game to just check your achievements and unlock missions accordingly, but evidently, it doesn’t already do that. 343i could probably TU it to do so, but I’m not sure that’d be a priority for them.)

Yeah, It doesn’t seem to be a wide spread enough problem for them to devote time to it, which is understandable. Sad part is, the same thing happened to me in Reach. It was less of a big deal for me because I found Reach much easier than 4.

I’m really proud of beating Halo 4 solo on legendary, being only an average skilled player and all. That’s really the only reason it’s a big deal to me.

At any rate, I guess that’s that. I’ll just have to speed through it on easy again sometime to at least have the levels unlocked again, though honestly right now I feel pretty down trodden and just…bleh…at the idea.

Thanks again, David. Having someone help/talk about it helps make it a little easier. Such a small stupid thing to get upset over, lemme tell ya. XD