Campaign progress incorrect, reach and other bugs

Yesterday I noticed my campaign progress on MCC was not displaying correctly. MCC originally accurately ported my progress from the games before they were on MCC, so games like Reach accurately displayed that I had completed the solo campaign on legendary, while Halo 3 had my co-op legendary completion displayed. Now it has either easy or normal as their highest difficulty across all campaigns.

Additionally, I had been doing a nostalgia play-through of Reach on legendary and was at the check point on Long Night of Solace with the massive open room and the engineer just after you board the super carrier. I tried to resume from there but instead got sent back to the very beginning of the level. Once I got to the original checkpoint in the super-carrier, I ran into some invisible walls that definitely shouldn’t be there. I can’t walk forward into the open area, and I can’t walk up the ramps on either side of the door.

Lastly, I keep getting a notification that I have one new item to unlock in customization but I can’t find it. My Halo 4 MP model won’t load for customization unless I go to the “Body Type” selection option, and for some reason my name plate won’t display my ID tag but does display my gamertag. What’s with all the bugs all of the sudden? I’m playing on XB1X and everything was fine prior to the start of the “Reclaimer” season. Please help.

Edit: It appears my campaign progress is also not correct on Halo Waypoint…