Campaign Playlist

I been thinking a lot recently about the MCC and going back and playing it. I’ve also been thinking about doing the campaign playlists that are built into the game. I was wondering if anyone has completed all of them?

I haven’t but would be willing to do Heroic or Legendary with you if you need an extra gun.

I’ve completed a few of them. Definitely worth the time. The best is the Master Chief Saga playlist. It’s great fun to experience the entire story from 1-4 again.

Completing all the playlists would require running through every LASO campaign twice, once in their individual playlists, and second in the Legendary Master Chief Saga cross-game playlist. I don’t think anyone can withstand that much LASO. They’ll go insane before they complete every playlist. NO THANKS!

I have beaten all the playlists that don’t require complete campaign runs, and those were pretty fun. I don’t think they allow co-op, though.