Campaign Playlist issues. Crash & progress wipes.

I have been playing the cross-game playlist “speed-runner’s choice” today. I was on the 4th mission that sets you in Halo 4 on the last third of the mission. It prompted for the update. I updated. My progress got wiped as if I had only completed the first of the six missions in the playlist.
I started playing again. I got to a point in the Halo 2 mission where I was exiting the section where you initially sneak up on a sniper. Game froze, screen went black, and the Xbox hard reset. My progress was saved at the nearest checkpoint so no big deal. I continue playing and get to the sixth mission of the playlist and want to take a break. I save & quit. I come back to the playlist and all my progress is wiped. It shows I’ve completed 5/6 and shows resume for the final mission, but forces me to start at the beginning of the first mission of the playlist.

Anyone else having similar issues? This is beyond frustrating.

Damn! that happened to me about 2hrs ago. The game prompted me to update while at the end of a level, where lasky and the other captain watch the ai go rampant. My other co-op buddy got a solo and coop achievement. It is utter BS really that the game would just pop up an update and force you out. Now my coop buddy got an achievement playing solo and I got hosed out. BS.

Months later, damn almost 1yr and the game continues to just bug out.

Happened to me as well but on the legendary master chief playlist. after killing Regret in Halo 2, I save and quit to take a break for a couple days. When I came back, all my progress is gone and I have to restart from the first mission in Halo CE.

This is still an issue. Happened to me today, same Ersatz Jobl described. I played a playlist for three missions, Save and Quit, returned to same playlist, resume has image and title of the next mission but on clicking Resume it loads the very first mission of the playlist!