Campaign or multiplayer?

When the game arrives, which one are you interested in?

And yes, I know a lot of you will say both. But I know that you will want to do one more than the other.

For me, campaign.

I’m interested in both which is why I wish they’d actually release on separate dates so that I could dedicate time to one before the other releases.

Since they’re both gonna release on same day I’ll probably blast through the campaign first but if I’m honest my true love is the MP. That’s where I’m gonna spend most of my time once I’ve quickly rushed through the campaign.

Basically, campaign is a quick passionate bang and MP is my long term wife.


Campaign, I love experiencing a new story far above experiencing fighting actual people. Not to say I hate the MP, had a blast playing BTB during the flight, but nothing beats a good story in my opinion.

Unpopular opinion it seems like, but Multiplayer. I’m sure the campaign will be decent tho (hopefully).

Campaign. I’m not trying to avoid spoilers in public lobbies.

Both. I will be playing a mix of both campaign and multiplayer.

Campaign for me, easy. I’m not that into multiplayer games anymore, everything has gotten way too competitive in recent years.

Campaign for me too! It just hits harder with a story and characters. Multiplayer will still be what i spend most of my time on but the campaign is just special. when H5 made its campaign i wasn’t attached to anyone other than chief and Cortana so this better make up for it.

343i have made nothing but weak (compared to original trilogy) Campaigns in my opinion, Halo 4 had a good story but awful level design and most of the abilities that made Reach super fun became almost useless then they made Halo 5 and although the landscapes/vistas are incredible, I think it would be insane to pretend Halo 5 was anything special. I’m hyped like everybody else to finally see an open world Halo game, but I just don’t have any faith in 343i, but I would love to be proven wrong here.

MP could easily be the best in series history, tons of weapons/maps, robust modes (firefight, forge, 4v4, 8v8, etc.) and we’ve already seen how good it is so that’s the difference for me.

I am very excited to see the Halo Infinite campaign levels.

Both but the first thing I will do is play multiplayer.

I’m hopeful that the campaign will be good. I will probably jump into that first and see if I get hooked on it. Otherwise, based on the tech previews, I know know multi-player will be a great option!

Multiplayer warm up casual games then straight to comp

It would have to be campaign for me since I touch that first. Usually I play the campaign with multiplayer in between. After finishing it on normal and legendary, it’s just multiplayer from there on out unless I decide to go back to campaign for fun or to help someone online (although word has it, co-op campaign won’t be at launch for Halo Infinite).

I have a tradition when a new Halo comes out, I will always play the first level of the campaign before jumping into multiplayer.

But what I’m looking forward to the most is campaign, I hoping it can capture the feeling from Halo CE when you first step onto the ring.

Campaign first as always. Depending on the length, and my friends availability for multiplayer, I’ll likely play a few missions then jump into multiplayer.

I can not wait till coop campaign comes out!!!

While I’m excited for both, I’ll have to go with the campaign. Campaign looks like it’s taking a more ambitious route compared to previous predecessors, more open levels similar to Silent Cartographer, new protagonists, new AI interaction (kicking suicide grunts) and finally the strong sandbox.

I also believe some of the weapons would work better in Campaign than multiplayer, the shock riffle electric chain should be more noticeable with the more cannon fodder enemies and the same applies to the heatwave ricochet

However, while I’m excited I’m concerned how much content the campaign has, especially since forge/co-op will not be releasing during launch and the lack of campaign media.

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> When the game arrives, which one are you interested in?
> And yes, I know a lot of you will say both. But I know that you will want to do one more than the other.
> For me, campaign.

Nomally I play campaign coop with my friend but as it’s not going to be an option this time… thanks 343…

I’ll be playing mp