Campaign on Legendary

Ok finished the Co-Op Campaign on Legendary yesterday with a friend and I have to say that was the hardest and most intense Legendary of any Halo yet. Facing down the Elites and brutes with only an assalt rifle and pistol know that no matter how many bullets i threw at them it wasnt going to be enough. Of course I thought about how useful the noob combo would of been after I completed the campaign. Ah well not the sharpest tool in the shed. Loved playing through it though

Congrats! I’m still working on it but I’m going solo, now that is intense.

Thanks! Yeah I cant imagine that! I want that achievement but the suffering I would have to go through to get it almost isnt worth it to me. I only had one other person with me in co-op and that was bad enough. Solo I would probably want to jump out a window. I bow down to you sir lol

I just finished Exodus

Just so you know:

Against brutes: Needle rifle = win.

I was the first person in the town to beat it on legandary

Legendary this time around is pretty hard, it took me 4 hrs just to finish the last level.

Started it on Legendary solo a few days ago. It’s pretty hardcore stuff. I’ve done the first two levels. Wouldn’t say it’s the most relaxing gaming experience, need to be in right frame of mind to get in to it. Pretty sure I’ll finish it… one day. :smiley:

I’ve done it in co-op and solo :smiley:

Took so many time !

I got it done on solo and 4 player co-op on legendary. Pretty challenging but I don’t know if I would say Reach’s solo legendar was as hard as solo legendary in Halo 2. If I didn’t really want the achievement I wouldn’t have done H2V on Legendary. Lol i did it enough on the original xbox when i didn’t have live.